Best Methods of Getting FUT Coins on FIFA Ultimate Team


Maximizing the amount of fut coins at your disposal should be one of your major priorities as you play on the FIFA Ultimate Team. With the right amount of coins, you could build a perfect squad and place yourself at a higher advantage.

If you are interested in achieving this dream, keep reading. This guide is specially prepared to enable you to achieve these dreams and improve your gaming experience.

Different Methods of Earning FUT Coins on FIFA

1. The Chemistry Method

This method does not involve the trading of chemistry styles as many would suggest. Rather, it involves the application of chemistry style on certain players and selling the players at a more expensive price.

For instance, if Paulo Dybala would sell for 27k coins on a normal day, the price of this same player might increase to 35k after a hunter chemistry style has been applied.

This method has proven to be efficacious because you would rather purchase a player who has been fortified with the appropriate chemistry and save yourself the trouble of applying the chemistry yourself.

2. The Out of Packs Method

This method involves the utilization of opportunities presented when there is a shortage of supply in a particular card. It is common knowledge that cards are introduced into the market each time players unseal their parks.

Sometimes, cards can go out of packs. What this means is that there will not be any cards available in the packs when it is opened. In mild cases, this could last for just a few days but in worse cases, this scarcity could linger for a week.

When you invest in special gold-rated players that are likely to acquire special card upgrades, you will be opportune to make lots of coins when the cards finally go out of pack.

3. The Open Bid Method

This method is one of the fastest methods there is. It involves banking on the difference in price between a card’s buy now price and its previous open bid price. Simply put, this method involves buying cards at a cheaper price on “open bid” and selling them at a more expensive “buy now” price.

This method is reliable because of the way the FUT market is programmed. The market is always fluctuating, a clear indication that there will always be a difference between the price of “open bid” and that of “buy now”. Appropriate utilization of this opportunity will guarantee a huge turnover.

4. Sniping Method

Sniping involves purchasing underestimated cards and selling them at the actual rate. This sure sounds easy but it is not as easy as it sounds. It is one of the most difficult trading techniques in FIFA. The good news, however, is that this method is also one of the most profitable methods.

When an underestimated card is listed in the market, it is usually purchased within seconds or even milliseconds. You have to be on alert if you are going to utilize this method because the window of opportunity is very narrow here. The best way to spot sniping possibilities is by making use of price filters which allows you to set price baselines on the transfer market.


The Methods explained above have proven to be reliable over the years. This however is no proof that acquiring FUT Coins is risk-free, you just have to be careful in your dealings.  Remember if all these methods fail, you can simply buy the coins at a price.


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